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Blyk is a mobile phone network for 16-24 year olds. The great thing about this network is it's free! You get £15 free credit a month to be used on sms, mms, calls and data. The catch is that you get a few adverts a month. These adverts however, are tailored to your tastes and interests and can even include money off coupons!

So, why isn't everyone on this network? Well joining is an invite only process. These invites are notoriously difficult to get hold of. You can get invites by asking someone already on the network to send you one but each member has a limited number of invites and each invite only lasts for a short period.

Companies which partner with Blyk use special links to allow you to join Blyk without an invite. If you use some clever google hackery you can find this special non-coded join page.

The link you want is the 3rd result down. The URL should read something like numbers)

So without further ado:

Click here

So now you've got no reason to pay for credit ever again!

(Your Welcome)

P.S. If you find that this method no longer works please give me a heads-up by commenting below and I'll see if I can fix it.

A note to Blyk: If you are unhappy with this website please feel free to send me a cease and desist notice and the site will be taken down.

Got Blyk?

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